Gunn & Moore 707 Duffle Bag 2022

Gunn & Moore 707 Duffle Bag 2022

Introducing the new and improved Gunn & Moore 707 Duffle Bag for 2022. This bag is perfect for cricketers of all levels, providing ample space and durability to carry all your gear.


  • Size: 76cm x 36cm x 31cm
  • Volume: 85 Litres
  • Material: 600 denier Polyester fabric
  • Integrated shoe tunnel
  • Integrated side pockets for two full-size bats
  • Adjustable padded shoulder straps
  • Rust-proof GM designer zips

Size and Volume

The Gunn & Moore 707 Duffle Bag has a spacious interior, measuring 76cm x 36cm x 31cm. With a volume of 85 litres, you can easily fit all your cricket equipment, including bats, pads, gloves, and helmet.

Durable and Hard-wearing

Made from 600 denier Polyester fabric, this bag is built to last. It can withstand the rigors of frequent use and is resistant to tears and abrasions. Whether you’re playing at the local park or traveling for a tournament, the Gunn & Moore 707 Duffle Bag will keep your gear safe and secure.

Convenient Design

The integrated shoe tunnel allows you to separate your dirty shoes from the rest of your equipment, keeping everything clean and organized. The side pockets are specially designed to hold two full-size bats, ensuring they are protected during transport.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can this bag be used for other sports?

While the Gunn & Moore 707 Duffle Bag is designed with cricketers in mind, it can also be used for other sports such as baseball, softball, or hockey. Its spacious interior and durable construction make it suitable for carrying various types of sports equipment.

2. Is this bag suitable for air travel?

Yes, the Gunn & Moore 707 Duffle Bag is suitable for air travel. Its size and volume comply with most airlines’ carry-on luggage restrictions. However, it’s always a good idea to check with your airline before traveling to ensure compliance with their specific regulations.

3. Can the shoulder straps be adjusted?

Yes, the shoulder straps of the Gunn & Moore 707 Duffle Bag are adjustable. This allows you to find the most comfortable fit and distribute the weight evenly across your shoulders.


The Gunn & Moore 707 Duffle Bag is the ultimate cricket bag for the modern player. With its spacious interior, durable construction, and convenient features, it provides everything you need to carry your gear in style. Don’t miss out on this must-have accessory for the upcoming cricket season!