Introducing the 1/48 F-4B VF-111 Sundowners New Tooling #12232 ACADEMY HOBBY MODEL KIT

Precisely Reproduced Early Version of F-4 Type B of US Navy

The 1/48 F-4B VF-111 Sundowners New Tooling #12232 ACADEMY HOBBY MODEL KIT is a meticulously crafted model kit that accurately replicates the early version of the F-4 Type B used by the US Navy during the Vietnamese War. This kit is perfect for history enthusiasts and model builders who want to recreate this iconic aircraft.

Reproduced One-Piece Fuselage, Narrow Tire & the Main Wings

One of the standout features of this model kit is the reproduction of the one-piece fuselage, narrow tire, and the main wings. These details are crucial in capturing the essence of the F-4B and ensuring an authentic representation of the aircraft. The attention to detail in this kit is truly remarkable.

Various Air-to-Air Weapons and Air-to-Ground Weapons

The 1/48 F-4B VF-111 Sundowners New Tooling #12232 ACADEMY HOBBY MODEL KIT also includes various air-to-air weapons and air-to-ground weapons. This allows model builders to customize their aircraft and create different scenarios. Whether you want to display the F-4B in a dogfight or a ground attack mission, this kit provides the flexibility to do so.

Lifelike Three Pilot Figures Included

To add an extra touch of realism, this model kit comes with three lifelike pilot figures. These figures can be placed inside the cockpit, giving your model a sense of scale and bringing it to life. The inclusion of these pilot figures adds another layer of detail to an already impressive kit.

“Cartograf” Premium Quality Decal Included

As a testament to the quality of this model kit, it includes a “Cartograf” premium quality decal. These decals are known for their exceptional printing quality and durability. They allow model builders to accurately recreate the markings and insignias of the F-4B, further enhancing the overall appearance of the finished model.

Product Details:

  • Precisely reproduced early version of F-4 type B of US Navy served during Vietnamese War
  • Reproduced one-piece fuselage, narrow tire & the main wings
  • Various air-to-air weapons and air-to-ground weapons
  • Lifelike three pilot figures included
  • “Cartograf” premium quality decal included

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Is this model kit suitable for beginners?

While this model kit is recommended for experienced model builders, beginners can also enjoy building it with some patience and guidance. The detailed instructions provided with the kit will help you through the assembly process.

2. Can the wings be positioned in different angles?

Yes, the wings of this model kit can be positioned in different angles, allowing you to display the F-4B in various flight configurations.

3. Are the decals easy to apply?

Yes, the “Cartograf” premium quality decals included in this kit are easy to apply. They have been designed to adhere smoothly to the model’s surface without any issues.


The 1/48 F-4B VF-111 Sundowners New Tooling #12232 ACADEMY HOBBY MODEL KIT is a must-have for aviation enthusiasts and model builders. Its precise reproduction of the early version of the F-4 Type B, attention to detail, and inclusion of lifelike pilot figures make it a standout kit. With the ability to customize the aircraft with various weapons and the high-quality “Cartograf” decals, this kit offers endless possibilities for creating stunning displays. Get ready to embark on a journey of building and showcasing this iconic aircraft.