Living Nature Labradoodle, Realistic Soft Cuddly Dog Toy

Living Nature Labradoodle, Realistic Soft Cuddly Dog Toy

It’s time to welcome the newest addition to your family! The Labradoodle from Living Nature is an utterly adorable canine companion and dog lovers everywhere are sure to fall in love with their new pet plush. Our stuffed cuddly dogs make a thoughtful gift for kids, men or women at Christmas, birthdays, or any special occasion. Give them a Labradoodle gift they will cherish for years to come.

All About Your Favourite Breed

Did you know? Labradoodles are a mix between a Labrador and a Poodle but can vary dramatically in appearance, from wavy coats to straight coats, colours, and size. It all depends on mum and dad! Thanks to the Poodle genes in them, Labradoodles don’t trigger any allergies, plus they have a gentle nature which makes them excellent therapy dogs! Find out more fun facts about your pet companion with the handy educational tags which tell you all about your new furry friend.

Accurate Detailing By Artists

You’ll be amazed at how close our soft dog toys are to the real thing, and it’s no coincidence either. Our highly skilled animal artists add intricate detailing and texture to each Labradoodle toy, air-brushing the fur and trimming their coat for a highly realistic finish. We even use two-tone fur fabrics on lots of our animals and match each pet’s eyes to the animal to make them extra realistic and unique.

Eco-Friendly Toys For Kids & Adults

Living Nature specialise in creating premium green toys for animal lovers inspired by our passion for wildlife. We’re committed to doing things as sustainably as possible and that’s why we created Naturli. Being more Naturli is all about caring for our environment and teaching children (and adults) about animals and their habitats through play. Look out for the green Naturli tag and you can be sure that your new family member is made using certified Naturli recycled plastic for a cute eco-friendly toy suitable for all ages.

Set Contains:

  • 1 x Plush Toy

The Labradoodle

Take home your very own Labradoodle from Living Nature! This plush pet is the perfect addition to your soft toy collection. Cuddly by nature and accurate by design, collect all your favourite dogs in premium cuddly toy versions for hours of fun with your new furry friends. Labradoodle stands 10 inches tall.

Highly Accurate Detailing

Our soft toy dogs are beautifully crafted with accurate detailing from the fur, eyes, and features. Trimmed to perfection, your Labradoodle sports soft curly white fur, big brown eyes, and the cutest face. Our artists add shading and texture by hand for a realistic finish down to the very last detail.

Your Cuddly Canine Companion

Your perfect pal for endless adventures and cosy cuddles! The Living Nature Labradoodle will steal your heart in seconds! A mix of a Labrador and a Poodle, your cuddly dog is an adorable yet intelligent breed with a loving temperament and bundles of energy. It makes a beautiful gift for dog lovers and dog owners everywhere.

Educational Fact Tags

Our Labradoodle cuddly toy comes with an educational tag so you can learn all about your favourite breed – from their behaviour, diet and even how to take care of them! Young or mature, Living Nature’s loveable Labradoodle plush is the perfect companion for animal lovers.

Naturli Eco-Friendly Toys

Buying eco-friendly toys for kids can be tough but here at Living Nature, we’re committed to doing things sustainably. Our Labradoodle is made from 3 Naturli recycled post-consumer PET plastic bottles to create the perfect dog gift for your loved one without harming Mother Earth.