RIO Products InTouch Pike/Musky Fly Line

RIO Products InTouch Pike/Musky Fly Line

Are you an avid fly angler looking to target pike and musky? Look no further than the RIO Products InTouch Pike/Musky Fly Line. This innovative fly line is specifically designed to meet the demands of anglers pursuing these aggressive freshwater predators.

Features and Benefits

1. Enhanced Durability

The InTouch Pike/Musky Fly Line is built to withstand the powerful jaws and sharp teeth of pike and musky. Its tough coating ensures excellent abrasion resistance, allowing you to fish confidently in challenging conditions.

2. High Visibility

With its vibrant color scheme, this fly line offers high visibility on the water. You can easily track your line and detect subtle strikes, increasing your chances of hooking into a trophy pike or musky.

3. Smooth Casting

The InTouch Pike/Musky Fly Line features a powerful taper that allows for effortless casting of large, wind-resistant flies. Its weight-forward design ensures optimal turnover, enabling you to deliver accurate and precise casts even in windy conditions.

4. Slick Coating

This fly line incorporates RIO’s ConnectCore technology, which provides ultra-low stretch performance. The slick coating reduces friction, allowing for longer casts and improved line control.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I use this fly line for other species?

A: While the InTouch Pike/Musky Fly Line is specifically designed for pike and musky, it can also be used for other large predatory fish such as bass and pikeperch.

Q: What line weight options are available?

A: This fly line is available in line weights ranging from 8 to 10, providing anglers with options to match their preferred rod and fishing conditions.

Q: Is this fly line suitable for both freshwater and saltwater fishing?

A: The InTouch Pike/Musky Fly Line is primarily designed for freshwater fishing. However, it can be used in saltwater environments with proper care and maintenance.


The RIO Products InTouch Pike/Musky Fly Line is a must-have for any angler targeting pike and musky. Its durability, high visibility, smooth casting, and slick coating make it the perfect choice for pursuing these formidable freshwater predators. Upgrade your fly fishing gear with the InTouch Pike/Musky Fly Line and experience the thrill of hooking into trophy fish.