SoundAlert 100W Emergency Police Siren Kit

SoundAlert 100W Emergency Police Siren Kit

Power the Things You Need

Simple Layout

The powerful SoundAlert siren system expertly combines a highly functional, feature-rich design with a simple and intuitive layout. Two switches and a dial are all that you need to control the radio rebroadcast, horn override, PA, four different siren tones, and the front-mounted microphone. This straightforward layout makes our unit incredibly easy to use, even if you install it in a concealed location.

A Reliable Partner

Choosing a smaller siren speaker doesn’t mean that you have to compromise on sound output. Our 100W, extra slim speaker is only 2″ thick, about 6″ tall and wide, but it still produces up to 124 dB of attention-getting sound. And thanks to its rugged steel body and IP66 rating, it is better protected against damage and will last you longer than other, weaker speakers.


  • Two 20A On/Off Switches
  • Steering Wheel Triggered Air Horn
  • Radio Rebroadcast
  • 100 Watt Amplifier
  • Six Siren Options
    • Radio
    • Stand-By
    • Wail
    • Yelp
    • Hi-Lo
    • Hi-Lo 2
  • PA system
  • Removable Microphone
  • 100 W Extra Slim Speaker
    • IP66 Waterproof
    • 400 – 4000 Hz
    • 118 – 124 dB
    • 8 Ohms Impedance


On crowded streets, where flashing emergency lights are not always obvious, the SoundAlert siren always gets noticed. Equipped with a 100W amplifier; wail, yelp, and hi-low tones; and an electronic air horn, this unit commands attention.


Other systems give you the basics, ours gives you the best. With two 20 amp, on/off auxiliary switches, this unit is more than just an authoritative auditory warning device, it’s the backbone of your entire emergency warning system.


Finally, a siren system that focuses on your safety. Thanks to the integrated horn override function that activates your air horn with your stock horn button, you can keep your eyes on the road and your mind on the task at hand.


Stay informed, even when you’re not in your vehicle. The helpful radio rebroadcast feature takes input from any other radio and routes it through your siren’s loudspeaker so you can hear your GMRS, CB, or HAM radio wherever you are.


At just over 2″ thick, this extra slim siren speaker easily fits on your bumper or behind your grille, and with its street clearing 118 – 124 dB rating, it gets respect wherever it goes.