Valken Infinity Paintballs

Valken Infinity Paintballs

Infinity paintballs have a thicker shell which makes it very durable and perfect for the entry level marker. Infinity paint was designed and priced to be straight-shooting and affordable; it’s the best paintball you can get for the price!


Virgin Ribbon ball

The Valken Infinity Paintballs are made with virgin ribbon ball technology, ensuring consistent quality and performance.

Brilliant shell colors

The Infinity Paintballs come in vibrant shell colors, always the same: yellow, orange, pink, or white. These colors make it easy to track your shots and identify hits.

Shoots straight and breaks on target

With Valken Infinity Paintballs, you can expect accurate shots that hit their mark. The paintballs break upon impact, leaving a clear mark on your target.

Excellent for woods ball and recreational play

Whether you’re playing in the woods or enjoying a recreational game, Valken Infinity Paintballs are the perfect choice. Their durability and performance make them suitable for various playing environments.

Cardboard dividers, square box for assured quality on delivery and in show room

The Valken Infinity Paintballs are packaged in a square box with cardboard dividers. This packaging ensures that the paintballs remain in excellent condition during delivery and in the showroom. You can trust that you’re receiving a high-quality product.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are Valken Infinity Paintballs suitable for all paintball markers?

Yes, Valken Infinity Paintballs are designed to be compatible with all paintball markers, especially entry-level ones.

2. Can I use Valken Infinity Paintballs for tournament play?

While Valken Infinity Paintballs are great for recreational and woods ball play, they may not meet the specific requirements for tournament play. It’s best to check with the tournament rules and regulations before using them in a competitive setting.

3. How many paintballs are there in a box of Valken Infinity Paintballs?

A box of Valken Infinity Paintballs contains 2,000 paintballs.


Valken Infinity Paintballs are the ideal choice for players looking for durable, straight-shooting, and affordable paintballs. With their thicker shell and excellent performance, they are perfect for entry-level markers and various playing environments. The vibrant shell colors and reliable packaging further enhance the overall experience. Choose Valken Infinity Paintballs for an enjoyable and successful paintball game!